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Valentyn Stetsyuk (Lviv, Ukraine)

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Ukrainian "Didukh" and Heraldry "Lily" as Symbols of Tree of Life

An important additionIn has beeb made in the section "Cultural substrate", which illustrates development of the symbol of Tree of Life in the Ukrainian Christmas didukh and further in element of European heraldry known as "lily".

Similarity of didukh and "lily" is expressed, firstly, in flowing down branch, and secondly, in some cases by presence of elements of plants in petals of "lily", in the third, by presence of a cross-belt that would be totally inappropriate for lily stalk. Besides, it is necessary to add that the sheaves in a more explicit form were also elements of heraldry (Wed Sheaf in the coat of arms of the Swedish House Vasa).

Simultaneously, for the convenience of the reader, a new subsection "Traces of cultural relations of the peoples of Eastern Europe in the music" was formed from the Section "Cultural substrate"