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Trypillian Place Name

The section "Ethnicity of Trypillians" was largely expanded. In particular, here was given the launch of the new theme of remaining Trypillian place names in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. According the results of the research creators of Trypillian culture were unknown to us Semitic tribes. On the other hand, the results of geomagnetic research show that communities of Trypillians totaled to 20 thousand people. Such settlements have to be existing for a long time and keep their original names. With this in mind, an attempt was made to decipher "dark" place names of Right-Bank Ukraine by means of Hebrew. Quite a number of made transcripts can not be accidental. If even a small part of them is true, it would be evidence not only of Semitic origin Trypillians, but also mean that some of the names given by them exist at least six thousand years. In particular, the added part of the section includes an interpretation of these names: Bakota, Bar, Bershad, Moshanets, Seret. Research is in progress.