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Discourse on the origin of the human language

Discourse on the origin of the human language

Before starting the discource on the problems of glottogenesis, it is necessary to clarify what we mean by the word "language". The definition given by the recognized theorist reads:

Language is, first of all, the aggregate of words. The word is two-sided, like a medal. One side of it is external, sounding or visible (physical), the other is internal, inaudible and invisible (psychic). The first is the sounding or writing of a word, the second is its meaning or sense� Most words denote something that exists outside the language. These are objects and phenomena of the external reality or inner world of a person, about which thoughts are expressed in the process of communication of people (YAKUSHIN B.V. 1985: 5).

Comparative-historical linguistics convinces us once again that language was not given to man from above and did not arise by itself in ready-made form, but passed a long way of gradual improvement of its initial form. The educated person does not doubt this, but the origin of this initial form is still vague, although thinkers of antiquity thought about this issue, and since the end of the 18th century, following the initiative of Johann Herder, began its thorough elaborations. By the end of the 19th century, many theories of glottogenesis already existed, among which were the theories of D. Tiedemann, W. Wundt, L. Noire, H. Steinthal, F. Engels and many other theorists. As B. Yakushin claimed, most philosophers believed that the language, that is, its original form, was created by man (ibid). Further, the thoughts of philosophers grew in different directions and none of the theories was found satisfactory, and apparently therefore in 1866 the Parisian linguistic society refused to consider research on the origin of the language and its evolution (NIKOLEYEVA T.V. 1996: 79). Nevertheless, the problem was not removed from the agenda, because many scientists were not considered it completely hopeless:

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